About Us

Established since 2014, Creative Robotics Kepong (CR8 Kepong) has witnessed numerous children who benefited from our extraordinary S.T.E.M Education program in Robotics. We cultivated them to be a Creative Thinker, Innovator, Problem Solver and has self confident. Inspiring them to be the Science and Technology leaders of tomorrow. Our formal students even had grown up with us and capable to work with us during their free time or school holidays to gain working experience or excel their studies in engineering and IT field.

Throughout the years, we have been consistently striving for the best to empower our future generation through our quality Robotic Learning experience in classroom and also provide a robotic tournament platform to draw out the best potential in them.

We provide weekly classes on weekends and run holiday workshops school holiday Our objective at Creative Robotics Kepong are

Encourage creative thinking

Boost problem solving and logical thinking

Promote progressive technology and innovative skills

Provide hands-on engineering techniques

Expose students to Engineering, Science & Technology (EST)

Impart computer Literacy (Coding)

Develop the passion for robotics

We hope to encourage students to acquire priceless soft skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership to boost their self-esteem and confidence. We want to instill the interest for science, technology and of course, robotics through a fun and rewarding learning experience.

Robotics covers all S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields in a way that no other subject can, i.e. it’s the mother of all subjects. This comprehensive subject encompasses mechanical, electrical, electronics, control engineering, computer science, technology, mathematics, science, as well as essential soft skills such as creative and logical thinking, problem-solving and innovative skills, teamwork and communication, and self-esteem and confidence. Every element integrated into robotics is vital for modern-day students to succeed in our highly competitive and technology-driven world.


Since 2014, over 1000 students have benefited from its well-researched and time-tested syllabus. CR8 Kepong strives to carry over this mission of inculcating 21st Century skills through robotics to the next generation of students. Besides paying a lot of attention to every single detail, big and small, from the coaches to the learning environment, what truly sets CR8 Kepong apart is it’s fuelled by passion. It’s not every day that you will see students wanting to remain and teach at the centre, and CR8 Kepong has managed to create this magic. No doubt, it is a great platform for our future talents to kickstart their learning journey in the world of science and technology. At Creative Robotics (CR8 Kepong), we aim to inspire the science and technology leaders of tomorrow. Together, we build, we learn, we code, and we play.