Frequently Asked Questions

Creativity is the Keyword ! Like any high quality robotics program for kids, we provide programming tools motors, sensors, and technical building components (e.g. gears, pulleys, beams, Axles, etc). However, CR8 is all about fostering creativity and innovation, and is fundamentally a design program. In our view, learning the creative problem solving skills involved in design are more valuable than learning how to make a motor spin. With this in mind, we provide a much wider range of building materials to work with, more creative freedom, and a diversity of projects and activities, to continuously engage and expand the interests and imagination of the kids.
Definitely! Many parents often think robotics is a boy stuff. But design is universal, and robotics is really just a superb vehicle for creativity and problem solving. We offer activities that emphasize collaboration, communication, teamwork and think out of the box. The results are amazing for boys and girls alike.
We certainly understand kids always wish to keep their special creations, but unfortunately no, kids do not get to take their actual robot home with them. Mainly, the robotics equipment we use is simply too expensive and we use it all year-round for all of our programs. Whenever kids complete a project, we can take a photo of them with their creation then we send to their parents.
Maximum 12 students in a class. Each class is run by one of our Master Coach, with at least 2 Assistants such that our student to staff ratio is a maximum of 4:1.
No, we do not guarantee results but we need to work together with parents .It depends on the student’s ability to absorb whatever our teacher teach. Basically, teachers teach 20% and students do 80%.The reason we believe that when students do most of the work, they can remember and their skills will be improved.
Not at all. Let the job done by us. We have our coaches in the class to give support and guidance along the process. Parent is allowed to wait at the foyer until the class finished.
If you would be absent from your scheduled class, and wish to reschedule to another class in the same week, please kindly contact us at least 48 hours in advance to find out if the slot is still available.
Not at all. Of course, they will miss out on fun creation syllabus, but there is no particular instruction that a student will miss because our teaching style is “just-in-time” – explaining new concepts as each student needs it. However, we encourage to reschedule the class in the same week so that your child will not miss every details of the lesson.